Surrey Diesel Repairs For Canadians

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Are Canadians still open to Surrey Diesel Repairs?

There is no doubt that there has been bad publicity on diesel engines. Of course, it has not been out of malice but rather proven cases that it is not environmental friendly. The Volkswagen scandal and admission to rigging engine to pass emission tests made things worse. Many car buyers, Canadians included, have rolled back to spend more on gasoline cars. Quite a number of others have taken a wider leap into the hybrid technology. But while you expected Surrey diesel repairs to completely disappear from the auto stage, their resilience is admirable.

These vehicles remain an interesting choice- at least to a number of auto enthusiasts. What is driving the diesel-engine resilience? With all the scandals, there are things you cannot take away from this engine. Here is why, amidst all the bad publicity, these vehicles are still a favorite in the global auto market:

• The wide price gap at the pump: in the last couple of years, prices have shrunk. This has been a temptation many potential vehicle owners could not resist. However, at minimal rate,  cars are still being bought.

• The superior torque: the  engine torque is something of a mystery and is explained by the fact that truck makers have stuck with them. Many drivers would appreciate the extra feel of power and that would explain why the engine is not going anywhere, not any time soon anyway.

• The stingy fuel economy: on top of low pump prices, deisel is the most economical auto fuel the world will ever know. It is packed with at least 25% more power than gas. It is only the deep-pocket individuals who can resist this perk. And Canadians, will they keep buying these cars?

In the 1970s and 80s when gasoline prices went up, the Canadian roads were dotted with sooty, noisy and sluggish cars. The diesel-engine was a big time favorite by then. When gasoline prices started to fall, so did the Canadian’s interest in these engines. Today, you can hardly tell the difference between diesels and gas engines: they are all noiseless and no smell at all. This is thanks to the evolution diesel-engine has gone through and the strict emission tests it must pass. Before the VW scandal, its sales claimed 30% of the total auto sales Canada. They must have taken a fall since then. Another thing that may stall this fuel engine from making any better sales is the fact that not all fuel stations in Canada stock this fuel. Even worse is the fact though  cars do not smell, the fuel does even the better version of low-sulfur diesel. But as you know, the future should not look so bleak for engine diesels in Canada.

Canadians are pragmatic buyers. While the Americans were head and heels for the hybrid technology, it did not enjoy the same success in Canada. There is still hope for the engine. Having more options in the market and the generational change will help initiate a shift of preference.